29 agosto 2012


Benito Santos, mejor conocido por ser el diseñador del vestido de Ximena Navarrete cuando se corono Miss Universo 2010..
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Benito Santos, best known for being the designer that made the dress that Ximena Navarrete worn when she won Miss Universe 2010..
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27 agosto 2012



May I introduce you to Yaqui River in Sonora, MX. Mother nature was so wise when she created this stunning place! I went to my family to this spot to take a dip in the river. When the river arrives to this exact spot it is divided into two, the 1st is the one you can swim and the 2nd is the one it has not been properly explore to be called as safe and in this second part is where the photos took place. This part of the river even when it was so beautiful it was also still an unknown place for us so we took the photos and we were returning to the safe side when I slipped and almost fall into the water and it would have been a disaster cause I didn't brought extra clothes and also cause this was the first time I used the short I made, do you like them?..

25 agosto 2012



This photos weren't actually meant to be for the blog but the place was so beautiful that I could not resist the temptation to share it with you. The place is called "Laguna del Nainari" (Nainari's Lagoon) and is one of the main attraction of Cd. Obregón (in the state of Sonora, MX) where people go chill a bit or simple go to walk around it, take a boat trip, see the dancing fountains or the most exciting one is take a canopy trip crossing all the lagoon.. BTW, have you notice that I made something different with my hair? Is not a big deal but form now on I'll try to make new thing and give my hair the beauty it deserves..

23 agosto 2012



Mexico is such a beautiful place, ecah town has their own magical thing and Tlaquepaque is not the exception with all it ancient streets, mexican skulls, they craftsmanships, beautiful people and specially all the emanating colors that this little town gives to you while you are walking through it. It's just amazing and I can tell you without a doubt I LOVE MEXICO..

21 agosto 2012


Black and grey. With this two colors you can never go wrong but somethimes they're kinda boring so a little pop of color should be added that's why I decided not to use a black bag but anyway this beautiful city is Guadalajara, this was my second this city and it still surprise me with it beauty and awesome things specially this sculptures from a table, the wings and many chairs in all sizes. They are amazing right?

20 agosto 2012


The think I love about road trips is that you can actually see all the beautiful landscapes that you can't see when you're traveling by plain, yes is more confy and it take you a lot of less hours but seeing how wise is mother nature creating all those mountains, lakes, trees and all of that and even more here in Mexico that if you drive minimum 1 hr, the landscapes are so different but still so beautiful.. 

17 agosto 2012


Have you ever wonder how many shades the color orange has? I do and I was searching for the exact match for my shirt and as the title says it's call Tangelo (I think it's also a fruit).  I read in a local magazing "Fashionista" (Edition April/May "The Spring Cocktail" 2012 No. 12)  that the color Tangerine Tango is the color of the year and I couldn't be more agree, this reddish orange hue translates bold, magnetic, and cheerful energy, that leave you with the feeling like you’ve been soaking up the sun... What do you think? Do you like the color?

P.S. Remenber to go check the latest online issue June/July of Fashionista "SEXY YACHT" 

13 agosto 2012


This photos were taken in some places that I've never been before it was called "Island of the Scorpions", and the "Chapala lake" that is the biggest lake in Mexico. I know wer're are almost heading fall but I can't avoid it, I'm in love with high waist shorts in all shapes and colors but I have been falling in love with all thing with flowers, even when they are the spring cliché. That day was so sunny and people stop and lokked at e cause my neon pink flat was shining even more with that amazing sun, even when it was going dark, all you could see was my flats ha ha I love them!

12 agosto 2012


Personally, when I go in a trip I like to eat the street food because that is the way I think you really try the local food but this time we made an exception. Let me introduce you this Restaurant/Hotel in Mazatlan called "EL Shrimp Bucket". The think that I like the most of this place was the decoration with all those different "types" of fish and of course good food too. If you have the chance and want to have a great meal in front of the beach, don't overthink it and go to this place, I know you will like it as much as I did..

09 agosto 2012


While I was reading my emails there was one that caught my attention that says "It is possible to be a fashion/style blogger without using all the brands from Inditex?" And the answer is YES! There are tons of others brands and stores, I think it doesn't matter if you're wearing a high fashion brand or not, what really matter is how you put it together and if you like it, wear it as simple as that! and for showing you that, I made this outfit that I bought in a store in Tucson (except the shoes) called "Ross Dress For Less",  is a store that has so many "unknown" brands and some others very well known as Michael Kors (recently added), DKNY, Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. but for much affortable prices you can find items from 0.99$ untill 80$ or so.. In my wardrobe I have so many items from this unknown brands and I love them so don't be afraid, the only thing you should be afraid is of your own taste..

07 agosto 2012


When it comes to see animals and 100 % up for it, I love animals, the more exotic the best so we went to the Aquarium to see a show of birds, sea ​​lions and watched many type of fish. It was so hot and sunny that day, you probably can tell for my super bright first two pics of me and my eyes are smaller than usual xD My sister told me that this outfit wasn't a good combo, she said "that skirt is to fancy for that denim shirt" and I told her "denim can be worn with everything, you use it everyday, I'm just using it backwards, the denim on the top and the other fabric on the bottom". What do you think should I have listened to her or not? For me it was a no, I was happy with my outfit (:

Cuando se trata de ver animales tengan por seguro que voy a querer hacerlo y entre mas exóticos mejor, es por eso que fuimos al acuario a ver un show de aves, lobos marinos y una gran variedad de peces. El dpia fue muy caluroso y soleado, creo que se pueden dar cuenta en las primeras dos fotos de mi con mis ojos un poco más pequeños de lo normal xD antes de ir hacia alla, mi hermana me dijo que mi combinación no se veia bien, en sí dijo "esa falda esta muy elegante para esa camisa de mezclilla" y yo le conteste "la mezclilla puede se usada con lo que sea, yo solo la estoy usando al revés, la mezclilla arriba  la otra tela abajo". Ustedes que opinan, debí de hacerle caso o no? Por lo menos a mi me gusta mi combinación y estoy feliz con mi outfit (:

Denim Shirt: Pull & Bear / Skirt: Ross / Leopard shoes: Flea market in Spain / Collar + Bag: H&M

02 agosto 2012


You might be wondering why the S&S title, am I right? Well is simply the abbreviation for studs and stripes that is what I am wearing in this photos. I've been traveling almost 3 weeks now through 3 different counties of Mexico, driving tons of hours and just 1 suitcase! I'm dying for be able to play with my whole wardrobe back home but until that happens I'm gonna keep my simply and comfy outfits just like this one...

Se estarán preguntando preguntando porqué el titulo de S&S, verdad? Bueno es simplemente la abreviación de "Studs and Stripes" (Remaches y Rayas) que es lo que estoy usando en estas fotos. He estado viajando por casi ya por 3 semanas por 3 diferentes estados de México, manejando muchas horas y solo una maleta! Me encantaría poder tener todo mi armario conmigo y hacer más combinaciones pero hasta que eso pase y este de vuelta en casa, seguiré con mis outfits sencillos pero cómodos justo como este...

Striped shirt: Stradivarius (Similar here) / Studded short: Pull & Bear (Similar here) / Flats + Bag: Steve Madden