29 noviembre 2012


Another crazy and unusual post.. Another day in my night life and with my friends, this time just playing around with somw crowns, eating the candies we used to eat when we where in high school (we all are in college or already graduated), filming funny videos and doing some karaoke.. a really fun nigh!!

25 noviembre 2012


Sometimes when I go out I get to late of work of simply Im not in the mood of taking outfit photos but always when I go out I take pictures of me, my friends and the place, Im a photo adict. Today on this post I'll show you something a little bit more personal, my friends and my night life.. The place is called Sapo's, that is the spanish word for toads, yeap I know a funny name for a place but the thematic is really nice, all green and when you go upstairs in the bar they have this swings, wich I think is really witty if you go drink something cause even when I was sober, it was hard getting to sit on them wihtout swinging sideways xD but it was so fun!


For Christmas, Barney’s New York collaborated with Disney to create this fun and witty video mixing the fashion world with the Disney world. This great 5min video has already had some complaints by people saying that it’s unacceptable to make Minnie skinny blahblah… Watch as Minnie embarks on a fantastical fashion adventure in Paris, where she walks the runway in Lanvin and rubs elbows with fashion-world figures like Linda Evangelista, Daphne Guinness, Emmanuelle Alt, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more. If you ask us, it’s the perfect combination of wit, fantasy and style with which to ring in the holidays!

20 noviembre 2012


I love fashion and how it can be so playfull, you can be a bohemian chic one day and the other a rocker one. But today I decided to play up a little more and transform myself into a princess. I'm a girl who loves black in clothes, that's when I saw this amazing, simple but gorgeous dress I knew it and I told myself "It has to be mine", the next thing I knew it was hanging in my closet ha ha The dress is so well made, with this sweet heart shape and see through leg side simple but elegant. I chose to wear them for my prom night. I think this will be my long version of the LBD. Hope you enjoy the photos of the photoshoot I had  with my friends and also some of the party..

13 noviembre 2012


This blog has been, is and will be part of my life.. Because of that I would like to share with you one of the latest happiest day in my life.. The day that I finished College, the day that I worn my final cap and gown, my graduation day! I started when I was 18 years old now I have 22.. 4 years has gone so fast, I remembered the first day like it was yesterday, I was wearing a sky blue T with the legend of  "Make cupcakes not war".. Now looking at this photos I see myself all grown up, I got my first job and I'm just so proud of myself. Hope you all a great day because me, well I can stop smiling :D