23 octubre 2012


They say someone can get you the stars but what happend when you want the clouds? ha ha is not that I'm in the clouds for a boy but here where I live people says "you are in the clouds" when you like someone or when your thinking in something special! Hope you enjoy being in the clouds, literraly!

21 octubre 2012

VLOG 3: Arucas

The third video is more long than the first two, here you can see one rommie of mine Fer and hear my other roomie Karen, in this video we started our adventure around the island of Gran Canaria where we rented a car, a petit Mercedes-Benz, that actually was one of the cheapest there in Europe (Can you believe in the Island they use them to be Taxis, and also some of the buses are MB, weird ha?) and we drove to some near small cities of the island.. You can see the outfit post HERE.. Cheers!

20 octubre 2012

VLOG 2: Maspalomas

This video is also short because is just a little spin too, you can see the outfit post HERE. This dunes are amazing! Maspalomas is such a beautiful place! Hope I captured a little bit of it in the video :D! Enjoy..

19 octubre 2012

VLOG 1: Playa de las Canteras


You might notice that I don't have the time to blog as I used to.. but, I decided that I will show you a series of videos that I have from last year when I was living in Europe. The first ones are pretty lame but really fun..

This first video is from the most amazing beach I've ever been is called "Playa de las Canteras" in the Canary Islands where I use to live and well, this is like a tradition of my own, in where I record myself giving a spin in  many of the places I have been. It all started in 2009 in Phoenix, AZ, USA. and I have been doing it since then... Hope you enjoy my funny goofy videos! And you can follow me through the Videofyme app for Iphone and Adroid.

03 octubre 2012

DIY: Metalic Studded Clutch

Lately I've had a big obsession with gold so when I found this boring black clutch that use to be of my mother, I instantly tought about doing something with it because yes it was boring but stil a great clutch. It's really easy and I tought I could share this with you for spy it up a little bit some item that you might not like anymore and no spend in new ones, just spending a little but in the paint, the studs and glue.. So let's get started!!