05 septiembre 2012



Ovandos is a store for men sspecialized in shirts, suits and ties. The truth is that I wasn't very exited about this fashion show for me suit are all the same is really difficult they impress me but I actually enjoy the fashion show beside it was for the great models but also because they use simple suit outfits with cobalt blue, burgundy and purple on the ties, no ties or the infallible mix of white and black and some of them even lok more casual, that's one of the problems I have with suits, they tend to be a little bit too formal but they actually make them look very casual chic...

Ovandos es una tienda con moda para hombresespec ializada en camisas, trajes y corbatas. la verdad debo decir que no estaba muy entusiasmana con este desfile pero al final termino gustandome ya que fueron trajes sencillos que combinaron con colores que normalmente no usarían los hombres como las corbatas moradas o azules cobalto o simplemente sin ellas combinadas con camisas simples para un look más informal...

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  1. Ummmm....hello!!! Some of those boys are delicious ;)
    I actually like this line because I can never resist a well-dressed man.
    Love the suits and the metallic blue one was super fabulous!!

  2. Pues me parece un buen desfile porque son propuestas que en cuanto al diseño son accesibles para todos.

  3. termino gustandote por los chicos! jajaja no mentiras jaja si estan muy los trajes, sencillos y elegantes, como deben de ser

  4. Hi!
    I love your blog!
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  5. I also love the blue one. It looks very contemporary while retaining the man's masculinity. Keep us posted with your latest finds about men's fashion.


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