20 mayo 2013


They say a girl must never reveal her  beauty  secrets but I will make an  exception and show you the product I use the most (I always try to use and try new ones but this are what I currently love).
First thing in the morning I wash my face with Clarins Gel Nettotant Eclat du Jour (1), then I put some lotion also by Clarins (2) and finally I hydrate my skin with Clarins Gelée Eclat du Jour(3) which is perfect for me because it mattifies the skin and is a great base for make up too. 
I start with Mary Kay Yellow concelaer (4), next I use Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse in N° 40 (5), as is mousse it doesn't need to be seal with powder but for touch ups I like to use Revol ColorStay Powder(6),  then for give a little glow to my face I use Oriflame Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls (7). Moving into the eyes I like to use liquid liner and right now I love Walk the line by Hard Candy (8) in waterproof to avoid any racoon eyes later. I have no lashes so I have to cheat a little bit using DiorShow Mazimizer Primer (9) follow by DiorShow Mascara (10). I always use a lipbalm before any lipstick and my forever favorite is the classic Chapstick (11) and depending of my mood and the look I want to show I use, for a soft look, Givenchy Gelée d'interdit in Icy Peachy (14) or if I go for a bold look I use Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lingerie Pink (13) or Chanel Rouge Coco N° 19 (12) which is a beautiful dynamite red.
When the night comes you should never ever leave you make up on because it clog your pore and this is one of the main reasons breakouts appears so to avoid that I use Clarins Lotion Douce Démaquillante, then when my face is, almost, make up free I use Clean & Clear deep action daily scrub to exfoliate my skin but even when the bottle say "daily scrub" I won't recomend doing it daily cause at least my skin get pretty dry when I do it daily (but we all are different, maybe this is just my case) and to end it all I use Rose Water from a naturopathic farmacy. 
Before I go I put perfum on, depending of my mood I choose between this for. Lady Million by Paco Rabanne was an early birhtday gift from my best friend, I got Benetton Giallo c/o Sears, Miss Dior Chèrie is my ultimate favorite and Flora by Gucci is the florar perfum I like the most.
So what is you beauty routing? Is this as long as mine? I know I need to make it shorter but right now this is what works for me.

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  1. I like Clarins so much, it is a nice cosmetic brand
    I follow you dear


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